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1 No Advertising on Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:17 pm


Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
No Advertising

Dear Soul Eater World Members,

Please refrain advertising into the other forum to avoid some serious consequences.
We are glad that you wish to share our fun with other forums' members.
We do hope our member can enjoy their lovely forums as well.
But do be careful, we will not wish to see our lovely members facing the consequences from other forums too.

Please take note, there are some forums "super" moderators are taking strict actions and monitor on you:-
- advertisement on signature.
- advertisement on messages or private messages.
- advertisement on posts.

Verbal reminder: Advertisement into other forums are not allowed.

With sincere,
Princess Mori, Soul Eater World Withces Leader [Admin]

EDIT BY CHICKENBOY: although you can mention BW, our sister site, because well, we're sister sites


Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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