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Assignment 02, Agent Of Chaos (collection of soul number 2)

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Agent Of Chaos

Agent Of Chaos
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It was raining heavily outside the public library in london and Agent had just been given her second mission to exterminate a pre-kisin. She wasnt very experianced, but she was a powerful weapon in her own right and ready to prove her worth and become a death weapon.

As a peon class, she was confident in her abilities, and ready to earn herself the right to gain a higher rank. Her hand had been stamped earlier, the green ink running in the rain and dripping to the floor. For the 3rd time that day, she reminded herself of her duties, and set out by climbing onto the nearest roof. She then set off, athleticly jumping from rooftop to rooftop to reach her destination whilst dodging the billowing black smoke from the industrial city chimneys.

Luckily, the air was suddenly peirced by a scream, leading Agent to her destination with ease. She came to an abrupt halt before suddenly skidding on a slick of blood and falling from the rooftop she stood on and landing on the floor.

Before her towered the pre-kishin she had been assigned to slay, who was clearnly caught offguard by the sudden appearance of Agent.

''Pre-kishin scum! By order and law of the academy, your soul shall be eaten by me!'' Agent said, pulling herself to her feet quickly whilst her opponant was still startled.

It took moments for the pre-kishin to register what she had said. It blinked, then to Agents annoyance, laughed heartily and took a playful slash at Agents mid-section. Agent jumped back suddenly, avoiding the bladed arm. She kicked off of the wall behind her (turning her right foot into part of her disc) and roundhouse kicked the pre-kishins throat, slitting it open, defeating it quicker then she first anticipated. Picking up the soul, she ate it with one bite, and added another soul to her quest for 99 and 1 witch.



Souls: 2 WEAPON OF: Witchhunter
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