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Clan Establishment Requirement

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1Clan Establishment Requirement Empty Clan Establishment Requirement on Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:45 am


Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
To start a clan in SEW must follow the below requirements:-

1. Need to get an approval from at least three of our administrators.
2. A clan need to have at least one captain, one vice-captain and one active member.
3. A newly establish clan without any member will have three days probation period to recruit at least one active member.
4. A clan that failed to pass the probation period will be shutdown.
5. A clan leader may step down base on their own request, new leader will be chosen by administrators if there are no candidates fit to the post.
6. Please follow the main rules & regulations of Soul Eater World as well as the Clans Code And Conduct to avoid some circumstances or consequences.
7. Administrators reserve the right to request any changes on the clans.

Thank you and enjoy your stay with us.

With sincere, SEW administrators.
Death Kumori, Shinigami-sama [Admin]
*PIEMANOFDOOM*, Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
azngurl900, Elite Death Pistols [Admin]
Agent Of Chaos, [Weapons] Peon [Admin]
samanth_a, Witch Leader [Admin]
Updated on 19.10.2008

Clan Establishment Requirement Sign7gt4a
Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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