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Clans Code And Conduct

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Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
Clans Code And Conduct as below:-

The Main Rules of Soul Eater World

Respect your Administrators, Moderators and Clans Leaders
They carry a title for a reason, not for fun.

Respect your fellow members
Aren't they are a part of us? So be politeness, honour and care for them.
Nothing to lose with giving your respect to each other.

Uphold the rules of the Soul Eater World
Fear not. The Rules of Soul Eater World are very easy to obey.
Dare to get Shinigami-sama's "Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop"?
When you did, you will no longer with us.

Clans Code And Conduct
~ No Spamming, Flaming, Swearing, and Trolling.
~ No Religious, Gambling, Political, and Sexual Topics.
~ No Wars for Clans.
~ Doing all the above everyone sure can stay with SEW with fun.

Thank you and enjoy your stay with us.

With sincere, SEW administrators.
Death Kumori, Shinigami-sama [Admin]
*PIEMANOFDOOM*, Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
azngurl900, Elite Death Pistols [Admin]
Agent Of Chaos, [Weapons] Peon [Admin]
samanth_a, Witch Leader [Admin]
Updated on 19.10.2008

Clans Code And Conduct Sign7gt4a
Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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