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Meister Ranking Privelages

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1 Meister Ranking Privelages on Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:51 am

Death Kumori

Shinigami-sama [Admin]
Shinigami-sama [Admin]
Here is where all of the rankings, along with the privelages you get with each rank, will be posted. I suggest all Meisters refer to this post before teaming up with a weapon.

Meister Ranking Privelages:

Shinigami - Any level of weapon - 15 post Soul Resonance with Death Weapon Commander (8 with Elite Death Weapon & 7 with all others)
5 Star Technician - Up to Elite Death Weapon (chance of weilding Death Scythe Commander) - 6 post Soul Resonance (8 with Death Scythe Commander)
4 Star Technician - Up to Death Weapon - 5 post Soul Resonance
3 Star Technician - Up to Death Weapon - 4 post Soul Resonance
2 Star Technician - Normal Weapon - 3 post Soul Resonance
1 Star Technician - Normal Weapon - 2 post Soul Resonance

The number of posts for your Soul Resonance does NOT include your opponents posts. Only count your own when keeping up.


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