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Nobody likes rules, but there here for a reason

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Asakura Spirit

Asakura Spirit
Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
Note: I dont like being mean, but these things have to be done, trust me if you talk to me you will know, and dont hesitate to PM me if you have any questions

Nobody likes rules do they? They take away our freedom and we feel trapped sometimes am I right? However, rules are here for a reason, imagine a world where you could murder each other without punishment, anyone who finds that idealistic is sick. But this is getting off topic, rules are rules and you have to obey them.

No spamming all posts need to be above 10 words

No abuse any abusive language will be censored then a mod or admin will give you an infraction, hindering your chances of getting into any faction if you are not in one already.

No mission threads without permission [see permission slip thread] again, if you do post a mission without permission, you get an infraction.

Any threats will be taken as abuse and you will first get a warning, then if it continues an infraction.

Anyone who gets 3 infractions will be banned from the site.


Anyone PMing the mods or admin asking for missions will receive an infraction. There is a specific place to ask for a missions. You have been warned.


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