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Soul Eater Witches Private School

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1 Soul Eater Witches Private School on Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:05 pm


Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
Welcome To The Soul Eater Witches Private School

Dearest Witches,

Are you like to spar?
Do you want to spar with your skills?
Where to practice yourself before a spar?
Yes! This is the place for your practicing!
List your witch abilities for the first time at Witches Magical Legal Office.
Click here.

Our Witches Private School

The place for you meet your opponent.

The sparring field in our school.

Before the begin of practices, please read the rules as per below.

Sparring rules:-
~ No God Modding.
~ Only one spar at the time.
~ Only one attack in one post.
~ You need to waiting for your opponent response.
~ You are not allowed to kill your opponent.
~ You are not allowed to control your opponent movements.
~ You are not allowed to give fatal damages on your opponent.
~ You are not allowed to flame or blame your opponent.
~ Advertisement, spamming, and inappropriate languages are strictly prohibited.
~ If there is a rule beaker will be considering on serious consequences.

Have fun on pratices! Very Happy

With sincere,
Princess Mori, Soul Eater Witch Leader


Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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