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1 Custom Weapon Center on Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:15 pm

Asakura Spirit

Asakura Spirit
Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
Death Weapon Commander [Admin]

Here you may create your own weapon, please note that you may not have god-mod abilities and keep them within the boundries of "soul eater reality" lol, well the application is as follows.
Name: [your name/ nickname if you want]
Rank:[your weapon rank, peon, recruit, blah blah blah]
Weapon Type:[Claymore, shotgun blah blah]
Soul Resonance Form: [what does it look like in soul resonance]
Attributes: [this is the list you need to make, Power:, Speed:, Soul Resonance Boost:]

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2 Re: Custom Weapon Center on Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:35 pm

Agent Of Chaos

Agent Of Chaos
[Weapons] Peon [Admin]
Name: Agent
Rank:Yet to be determined.
Weapon Type:Huge disc blade.
Soul Resonance FormHuge lazor from within the circle
Attributes: power: high, Speed: medium, Soul resonance: Medium


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3 Re: Custom Weapon Center on Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:52 am


[Weapons] Recruit
[Weapons] Recruit
Name: Ray Shirim
Rank: Noob
Weapon Type: double bladed sword
Soul Resonance Form: 2 Rapiers which break a part from the actual sword. It's a soul Resonance because it takes a lot of concentration for Ray to split into 2 parts. When Ray is in this form, his partner gets uber speed, and is able to attack at high speeds. Unfortunately, the power is low. This is once again because the concentration required to gain the high speed.
Attributes:Speed:Very High/ Power: Low/ Soul Resonance Boost: Medium

((about the pic: probaly sucks.....i'm still learning how CG'ing works.... plus i wanted to post this tonight, so i ran out of time on the background.... I think i'll keep working on it tho =))

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4 Re: Custom Weapon Center on Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:47 am


[Weapons] Peon
[Weapons] Peon
man i'm late at this.. ¬_¬

anyways, i'll put everything into a spoiler cuz its gonna be too long XDD

Name: Zenbunny (when male) Zenny (when female)

Type of Weapon:

OFFENCE: Double Swords Cnncted w/ Chains. --> Double Huge Swords

DEFENCE: Violin --> Violin-ish sword + Bow (only one shot)

Switches according to my gender.... (ahm ahm... when i sneeze XDD)
Most common weapon transformation [if you only have one just use that]:

(when male)
Twin black & white swords. Chain attached at the end of each and can connect to form like a "sword pole". Has a small hook coming off of the left blade.

(since i don't know if we put what happens when we resonate... : Becomes two large sabers which are slow...but have slightly better damage than before [can be deadly if used right])

(when female)
A violin which plays out deadly musical notes. strings made out of white and black "unbreakable" thread.

(resonation: bow becomes a real bow and violin becomes an arrow / or swing the bow and the violin around) ~~~Only ONE Shot!!!~~~. (violin sides turn sharp-ish)


(when male)
Power: low to average
Speed: High
Soul Resonance: average
Boost: Speed, Intelligence, strength.

(when male and resonance)

Power:average to high
Speed: Low
Boost: Power.... lots and lots of power.... and slightly boosted defence.
Un-boosts: Speed... average amount of speed lost....

(when female)
Power: Average to high
Speed Medium
Soul Resonance: High
Boost: Increased Defence. Increased Speed. Increased Tactical ability.

(when female and resonance)
Power: High (with a direct hit [with bow], otherwise, about average when just swinging it around)
Speed: medium to high (well, with a bow....your shooting me so, i wouldn't say there is a speed :p)
Boost: Very fast dodging speed/Moving Speed. If someone shoots you with a gun at Point blank range, you can dodge it perfectly fine.

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