The World Of Soul Eater At Your Finger Tips

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Backstory Of the Entire SoulEater world at this moment.

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Asakura Spirit

Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
Death Weapon Commander [Admin]
It's been 200 years since they defeated Asura...200 long years, about 10 years after Death The Kid, Liz, Patty, Blackstar, Tsubaki, Soul & Maka won the final battle, they all mysteriously dissapered, some say that Asura wasnt really dead and got them by suprise..some say they are still in Death City now...but what you want to believe, is your choice. We are the new generation of Weapon & Meister, but the eternal battle is still going on, with a new generation of weapon & meister, comes a new generation of Witches and people who try to become a kishin. There is few people strong enough to fight this battle, and some of those people...are you. Rise through the ranks in your faction, fight your enemy and whatever you do...dont die.


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