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Soul Eater Witches Introduction Book

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1 Soul Eater Witches Introduction Book on Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:23 pm


Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
Welcome To The Soul Eater Witches Introduction Book

Dear Witches Member,

I am your leader, Princess Mori.
Congratulation on your acceptance to become Witches Members of Soul Eater World.
It is my honor to have you be apart of us.
Since we are new to Soul Eater World, we are please to introduce our self to our beloved fellow witches member.

I will start an introduction of myself as a welcome to of all of you.

My name is Samantha aka Mori or Sammy
I am from Malaysia and I am a Chinese.
My horoscope is Leo and my birthday on August 15th.
My favorite colors are Pink, Purple and Black.
My favorite number are 1,5, and 8.
My favorite anime are Soul Eater, Bleach, Code Geass, Rurouni Kenshin and so much more.
My hobbies is surf internet, watch anime, play video games and so much more.
I get to know Soul Eater World from a recommendation of my friend.
I like about Soul Eater is because the story plot and characters are unique and fantasy.
My favorite character in Soul Eater is Marie Mjolnir, The Former Death Scythe "Crushing Weapon Marie".

Of-course! You can use your creative ideas to introduce yourself.
Enjoy Soul Eater World! Cheers for our future!Very Happy

Reminder, please refrain of advertisement, spamming, flaming and inappropriate languages.

With love,
Princess Mori, Soul Eater Witch Leader


Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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