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Soul Eater Witches Magical Legal Office

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1 Soul Eater Witches Magical Legal Office on Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:25 am


Witch Leader [Admin]
Witch Leader  [Admin]
Soul Eater Witches Magical Legal Office

Dearest Witches,

List your witch abilities for the first time.
We will do a review on your abilities shortly.

This is the office to register your witch abilities.
After the legal approval you may begin your practices with our fellow witches member at Our Witches Private School!
Click here.

Your witch name:
Your animal theme:
Your spell appearance:
Your broom appearance:
Your transform:
Your magical powers:

~ Only one transform, two magical powers are allowed for Officer.
~ Only one transform, four magical powers are allowed for Low Council.
~ Only one transform, one combine form, six magical powers are allowed for High Council.
~ Witch abilities will be review base on sparring rules.
~ Advertisement, spamming, flaming and inappropriate languages are strictly prohibited.
~ The administrators and moderators holds the right to request changes of the magical powers.

Sparring rules:
~ No God Modding.
~ Only one spar at the time.
~ Only one attack in one post.
~ You need to waiting for your opponent response.
~ You are not allowed to kill your opponent.
~ You are not allowed to control your opponent movements.
~ You are not allowed to give fatal damages on your opponent.
~ You are not allowed to flame or blame your opponent.
~ Advertisement, spamming, and inappropriate languages are strictly prohibited.
~ If there is a rule beaker will be considering on serious consequences.

Below show your leader witch abilities:-

Your witch name:
Princess Mori.
Your animal theme:
Snow leopard, a hat with thick white fur and leopard's tattoos, a long white fur as a tail on the hat.
Your spell appearance:
Attacks in the speedy and unique form of Snow leopard.
Your broom appearance:
A snowy white broom with a white bell on a long pink color ribbon on the broom stick.
Your transform:
A white fur of Snow leopard.
Your combine form:
Six clones of Snow leopards setting up a high transform level and combine with Princess Mori become a Ice form witch.
Your magical powers:
- Venom Fangs, speedy strikes of Shaken with the directions desires,with poisonous liquids.
- Snow Thunderstorm, Shaken starting the snow, speedy defensive to deflecting enemy attacks.
- Freeze The Rain, with thousand snow Shaken pierce the enemy with the directions desires.
- Dreamy Snow, a spell with snowy surrounding enemy confusing enemy with illusions.
- Fangs Shield, with thousand snow Shaken from the sky spinning surrounds Princess Mori as a shield.
- Hyper Snow, a spell that will boost up the speed and attacks of snowy Shaken.
*(Shaken, Eight Point Large Gold Ninja Symbol Throwing Star)

With sincere,
Princess Mori, Soul Eater Witch Leader


Please take a read on Rules & Regulation, FAQ. Welcome to Soul Eater Witches Library.
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